Barbate is a small fishing town along the coast of Andalusia, the very south of Spain. The concept of this article came from a text exchange between my father and I, feeling that between the generations, we had been lucky enough to escape ‘The Curse of Barbate’.

An image of a table and chairs in a cafe with the remainder of breakfast things. There is a plastic canopy around it, striped with a window and a view of a seaside front and a metal sculpture of a tuna fish.
Matteo Delred

Barbate is a…

A memoir of my highs and lows as a solo performer in London throughout my twenties

A woman bows onstage in a purple spotlight. She is wearing a cream coloured jacket with black trim, a white shirt and white dandy trousers, a black waistcoat, a black and white striped neckerchief and black top hat. On the left hand-side of the image is the text, ´Bethnal Green Working Men´s Club´.
Photo by Thomas Hensher

“I’m a communist but that was too much”, was a comment overheard by a performer in the bar after a rather spectacular ending of our cabaret act, Dame Theresa and the Whippettes. I am a white, queer, cisgender female and the other two performers in the act were a trans…

The concept of professionalism is fluid and ever-changing — gimmicky t-shirts are replacing suits, and I once knew someone who worked at a start-up where they rollerbladed around the office. There is clearly a movement to present an outwardly more relaxed, even alternative, mindset to modern-day professionalism.

Dominic Cummings, Boris…

Coping with menstruation when you are living with anaemia: practical tips and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

An illustration of ovaries with an evil face, fangs and vampire bat wings. The ovaries and face are red, the eyes are yellow and green, the fangs are yellow and the wings are black.
Illustration by Rebecca W Morris

I have become the protagonist in my own gothic horror story. As a character in Dracula (one my favourite novels) exclaims repeatedly, “The blood is the life!” It is a sentiment that resonates these days, my monthly cycle leaving me powerless; gloomy, as the life blood is drained from me…

I’m not bitter but I’m not particularly interested in grandiose end of year newsletters listing people’s achievements. I decided to write my own, listing what I’d learnt in quite possibly the strangest year of my life instead.

I received a few newsletters this December, where glad tidings of great successes and monetary returns during the pandemic were shared. I think the idea behind them was, look if I could do it this year, I’m sure you could do it in the future too. Yet, in a year…

A black & white photograph of an upside-down pill bottle facing down from the left-hand side. Above it are two overlapping half-empty sheets of pills.
Photo Credit: Matteo Delred

My journey to accepting myself as a chronically ill person, looking at how we can understand illness better.

This is not a guide to instruct on coping better with illness in a world that is built for robust health. It’s about the reality of being ill, and the battle to…

A digital illustration of three female-signifying people bursting through a smart phone screen. One is in a wheelchair, another is calling through a megaphone and another is helping her carry the megaphone, which has the feminist symbol on it (a round circle with a cross coming out of it). The colours are red, orange, yellow and brown.
Image from UN campaign of International Elimination of Violence Against Women Day

Writing about language, history and its affect on the problem of gender-based violence.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is today, the 25th of November. I hadn’t planned to write about it, but the coverage in UK based socials I follow has been disappointing. As the UK…

What I discovered about living in a close-knit community of neighbours in Jerez de la Frontera, a small city in Andalusia that I moved to from London two years ago.

It is October 2020 and I have just moved out of the ‘Casa de Vecinos’ where I lived for a…

A feminist space for eccentrics drowning in discourse and tired of being judged

Image Credit: Matteo Delred

I am a feminist and I am tired of talking about feminism.

I first became aware of feminist theory whilst at university studying Theatre and English Literature. I had never really thought too much about it before. I thought the suffragettes had already sorted it and we were all pretty…

Image Credit: Matteo Delred

Hi I’m Rebecca and I wear a mask in most public spaces. I’m going to tell you why, because I think it’s fine to debate these things, especially if they are government mandated. …

Rebecca María

Writer, copy-editor & filmmaker: Jerez de la Frontera, Spain; Glasgow & London, UK. I write about health, gender and culture with humanity and heart.

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